’55’ Ford F-100

Chopped and Clipped!

Recessed firewall for the bow tie 

"Clipped and Chopped!"
What? Cant I bling too?


Air-Ride Set Ups

Heres a couple of examples of air-ride set ups. (Air Management) Air can be the greatest thing if its done right. Which means it has to do what you want it to do! Pressure, volume, power, efficiency, and safety should be what you want. This is a set up for a ’67’ Impala. You dont want to compromise your trunk space, so you need to get creative. You also want it to match the over all look of the car, it should blend and go with the theme. I try to make most of my set ups clean. After all it has my name on it. This set up is a fully bolt up piece. The tank and the compressors all bolt to my diamond plate. 1/2″ line and valves with a 175psi pressure switch. The compressors are from ViAir and there 100% duty cycle. This is what the customer required. This makes his air management work for what he wants the car to do. This ones a little more complex. We fabbed the back 1/2 outa 2X3 .1875 wall. We also used it as one of the resevoirs. We plumbed the valves and the compressors directly into it. Again, these are just a couple of styles and examples of air management. Also to keep in mind are the basic rules of air-ride. Check my blogs for the follow up on Air ride and its usefulness.

Flamed furniture, Beds for Big Boys, Industrial Lighting With Style!

When I first started welding and fabricating I immediately saw all the creativity this trade and skill had to offer. This is just a small example of what I can offer you.

 This bed is 5′ on the high side and 4′ on the low. Its constructed of 3″ 16gage tubeing. Fully bolts apart and headboard options are limitless.

This monstrocity is different than the norm. Its made from (2) 4′ x 8′ sheets of aluminum diamond plate. 6″ spaceing between the sheets to be able to see the mood lights from the rope light. Throw in a couple of spots with a stainless touch or two and voila!